Funded Shiatsu For Women- Well Woman.

Shiatsu For Change are able offer a series of 6 Shiatsu treatments, payment by donation, followed by 5 fully funded Qigong classes to local women who wouldn’t normally be able to access Shiatsu or Qigong and are struggling with their health. 

The Well Women project is open to applications from all women, focusing on those with low income, in financial hardship due to ill health or other circumstances and whose mental/physical health is requiring nurture and support.

The project aims to help women to feel supported in their health, increasing resilience and giving an opportunity for empowerment when it comes to sustaining long-term health. The women we work with have been able to adapt their relationship to their health, vitality and immunity enabling them to participate more fully in their lives. This work feels particularly important during these times of post-pandemic that we are living through.

In Shiatsu, our experience over many years has been that women come with symptoms such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, PMT, menopausal/hormonal imbalance, joint pain, exhaustion, fatigue and during/post cancer treatment. This is your bodies way of asking to be heard, for you to listen to your body – if these symptoms are not addressed early on, then they can lead to more serious long-term health conditions. Which is why we want to share Shiatsu, providing preventative measures by supporting our clients in their condition and nurturing our clients through their condition. We know from our consultations and feedback that Shiatsu and Qigong can address the current prevailing feelings of anxiety, helplessness and isolation caused by the pandemic by bringing safe physical contact, connection and empowerment into women’s lives.

“Receiving regular shiatsu treatment … is an essential and transformative source of support for me, living with secondary cancer and the effects of ongoing cancer treatment.”

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