Qigong For Women's Self Healing.

TUESDAY, 10 JANUARY 2023- FEBUARY 7th 2023, 21st Feb-21st March , 25th Apil-23rd May, 6th June-4th July

£60 for 5 classes (Fully funded places available, please ask.)
An ongoing group to support women. This is a group where we will use Qigong, enquiry and self help massage techniques to explore and support our health as women, this will be a closed group after the first week of each 5 week block.

This group is suitable for all women who are interested in engaging in their own health journey- whatever age or stage in the journey of womanhood you are or whatever your experience of Qigong may be.
Each session we will use: Simple Shiatsu techniques which you can use on yourself or each other; Qigong forms which work specifically with our energetic as women; and sharing/enquiry, as ways to come closer to knowing how we are and what we need in each given moment.
This class is a closed group for 5 sessions that will nurture your own feminine nature, working specifically with forms of Qigong and Shiatsu to support women’s health. We will find a deeper connection to our experience as women, and how we can help ourselves to be all that we are; vital, healthy, radiant, well supported.

Would you like to feel more in touch with the effect of your cycles and the world around you?
Would you like to find a way to help yourself with symptoms of women’s health such as PMT, menopausal symptoms, joint pain, anxiety and insomnia?
If so come along, all women welcome...
The Glade is a beautiful woodland venue in Dartington with and indoor space and burner for those colder…wetter …or quieter moments.
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