Maritime Heritage Talks Programme February March April 2023 at The Burton Bideford

Maritime Heritage Talks Programme 2023

Collaborating with The Burton at Bideford, Way of the Wharves are organising a series of talks about local maritime heritage.

With boat building documented back to Elizabethan times the Torridge Estuary and Bideford have a long and fascinating maritime history. The story of this port on the southwest coast is dominated by maritime links across the Bristol Channel, to Ireland, Europe and the Americas.We hope you can join us at this short series of talks as our speakers bring some of these stories to a larger audience

Dates and speakers:

Thursday 9 February

Maritime Heritage Stories from the Torridge

Michael Teare, Way of the Wharves

Shipbuilding wasn’t the only economic activity thriving along the Torridge estuary. The history of the riverside communities involves timber & emigration, tobacco & pottery, coal mining & gravel extraction, fisheries & agriculture, energy & enterprise. The Torridge estuary has a history shaped by its geography as well as by national & international events. Mike is Chair of the Way of the Wharves Charity and lead author on the recent book ‘A History of East the Water, Bideford’. He explores how to bring these stories to life and interest a wider audience.

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