FIT Fans

FIT Fans is a FREE health improvement and weight management programme delivered by Argyle Community Trust. The course includes classroom activity which covers various topics around improving diet, increasing activity levels and how to lose weight safely. There is also an exercise programme included as part of each session which is gently introduced as the programme progresses. The programme has proven to help people achieve significant long-term improvements in weight loss, physical activity levels, eating habits, and mental wellbeing. The links below will provide you with more information on the programme. Participants need to be aged 18+ and have a BMI of 28+ to be able to attend.

After the success of the programme in Plymouth we are branching the programme out to wider areas of Devon and will be delivering groups in Holsworthy and Tavistock in February. The Holsworthy group will take place every Monday between 7pm – 8.30pm for 12 weeks at Holsworthy College starting on February 6th and the Tavistock group will take place every Thursday between 6pm – 7pm for 12 weeks at Mount Kelly College starting on February 9th.

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