A Shamanic Experience with Rowena Hillier at Oak Tree Therapy Room

Rowena is offering a one day workshop, "An Introduction to Shamanism". 


Taken from Rowena's website "Shamanism has been practised for thousands of years.

It offers us a simple and effective way to connect with the magic of the earth and shows us how to use the natural energies of the Sacred Circle of Life to empower our lives, promote healing, achieve our natural potential and access our inner strength.

As a Shamanic Practitioner I am able to re-connect you to the true you, helping and guiding you with areas of your life where there are blockages or patterns that no longer serve you, dispersing the dis-ease you feel within your body. Thus empowering and enabling you to move forward on your path on this earth.

This work is done by connecting with our power animals, spirit guides, helpers and the plant and mineral spirits".

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