Sutton Vision

A registered charity in Sutton supporting blind and partially sighted people to have more independence by offering a range of services including social groups that create a warm friendly environment giving clients the opportunity to make friends and get involved with fun activities, such as VI scrabble, arts and crafts, coffee mornings, lunch time quizzes, bingo, the Working Age Social group held at the Tempo Lounge and the VI Leisure Group that holds book clubs, lunches and pub visits around the Sutton area. As well as support groups like the Charles Bonnet and Macular group which allows clients affected by these conditions to seek peer support and talk through coping strategies, the Tech Talk and Social, Assistive Technology and Wellbeing zoom sessions and Resource Hub drop-in offering the opportunity to try the latest assistive tech and set up ways to make the clients smartphones, laptops and tablets more accessible to them. The charity’s have an outreach team that can meet with you at their offices, over the phone or at home visits providing information and advice, help with benefits and forms, advocacy and employment support. Finally they provide a Low Vision Clinic where specially trained Optometrist a to assess and recommend if aids are needed, if aids are prescribed they will be free on a long-term loan basis, the clinic will teach how to use these aids and then allow users to see a specialist rehabilitation officer who can help you with everyday needs and discuss any difficulties you may be having.

Service access criteria: Blind or partially sighted
Mental health support
Additional needs catered for:
Vision impairment friendly
Waiting list (weeks): 0
Key words - separate with a comma: Social group, Activities, Blind