Empowerment After Domestic Abuse eLearning


The course supports all genders who have been living in a controling or abuse relationship with an intimate partner or family member and who are feeling isolated (physically or emotionally), have low self esteem and struggle to set boundaries. For some, they may have given up all hope of taking back control of their own lives. 

By completing a chapter each week, participants will start to pull together an understanding of their past relationships and develop new skills to move on into a more positive future and relationships where they have more acceptable boundaries in place. 

It is important is completing this course you are no longer in an absuive relationship. 

There is a workbook that accompanies this course available seperatly via our website https://www.morepositiveme.co.uk/store/Empowerment-After-Domestic-Abuse-Workbook-p495722061


The course is also available in serveral other languages. Please state this in the referral form. 

Connecting with others
Healthy lifestyle
Information and advice
Mental health
Services for older people
Additional needs catered for:
Takes place in the client’s home
Non English speaking friendly
Waiting list (weeks): 1
Key words - separate with a comma: #domesticabuse, #domesticviolence, #traumarecovery,
Who can refer: Self referrals only