Women's Circle in Tavistock. Every Thursday at 6pm

Hi, I'm Verónica and I would love to invite you to my new women's circle!

I've been running workshops and meditation classes for a long time and I have witnessed the magic that is created when women have a safe space to connect, to be listened to, to learn and grow together, to support each other's healing and to empower each other.

This is my vision for this women's circle!

A space where no one will be judged, where you will meet other like-minded women, and where I will share powerful tools for healing and personal transformation.

The sessions will be a combination of guided visualisations, breathing techniques, tips on self-development & time for self-reflection, sharing insights and asking questions.

We will cover different topics each week, including:

  • How to honour and celebrate ourselves as women
  • How to flow with the rhythm of nature and our bodies
  • Embracing our femininty and creative essence
  • Self-confidence & empowerment
  • Self-love, self-care & well-being
  • Letting go of individual and collective trauma and conditioning
  • Embracing the inner child
  • Finding purpose & meaning
  • Healthy relationships

All of this within the magic and special energy that women create when we come together!

Please note this is an adult group only but all ages are welcome and celebrated!



Classes are £8 per session, you can pay in advance through bank trasnfer (please email me at hello@veronica-moreno.com for details) or bring cash on the day. You can also book through this link but you will be charged a small Eventbrite fee.


If you want to come to both the Women's circle on Thursdays and the meditation classes on Tuesdays, I have a 4week pass which will give you access to all 8 sessions for only £32 (that's only £4 per class!!) Email me at hello@veronica-moreno.com to book this option.


Your smile and your beautiful soul!

There will be chairs available in the room, but feel free to bring your meditation cushion or yoga mat if you would like to seat on the floor, a blanket or a cup of tea. Anything that makes you feel comfy and cosy! :)

Also bring pen and paper as there will be some journaling exercises.


The sessions will take place at The Printworks,Pym Street, Tavistock, Devon PL19 0AW.

We will be using the STUDIO.



Hi, I'm Verónica, a qualified Energy Healer, Counsellor, Life Coach & Career Coach.

I have a unique approach being trained in various psychological models, healing modalities and esoteric traditions, including Theta Healing, Shamanic Energy Healing, Pranic Healing, Humanistic Counselling and Life and Career Coaching.

I have a friendly and empowering approach that will make you feel at ease while you go within to reach your highest potential.

If you would like to know more information about my background and approach, please visit:


I also offer 1:1 sessions online and in person in Tavistock including Energy Healing, Counselling, Life Coaching, Career Coaching and Spiritual Mentoring.

If you have any questions about the meditation group or any other services, please contact me at hello@veronica-moreno.com


"I couldn’t believe the “literally” instant change I was able to achieve after Verónica's last session!!! Veronica’s pep talk was so honest and refreshing that it actually feels nice for once to get things straight in this confusing world. The meditation itself was a journey worth getting lost in. Imagining, dreaming almost in a very beautiful and safe space. I was surprised to know exactly what I needed to do, and how I wanted to do it shortly after the session, and got things done in one day after a month of procrastinating and finding the best approach. Clarity was the order of the day. It’s been few days since the last session, and I am still going strong and completing tasks as I set out to do with incredible ease. I am loving to have such a clear direction now! Veronica’s topics are so relevant for everyone, I highly recommend people give them a go. As they say ‘you never know until you try’."

"Wow! I really loved this workshop! It is just what I neede

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