Mothers Mind Staffordshire

Mothers Mind (Staffordshire) is a charity supporting and promoting empowerment for women overcoming poor maternal mental illness.
We provide an open safe space to talk openly about your feelings and emotions, as you journey through motherhood and mental illness.
Having the understanding and knowledge of maternal mental illness- the overwhelming emotions, actions and feelings attached to a poor state of mind in the prenatal stage of pregnancy to 4 years postpartum.

We support those who are struggling with the identity transition into motherhood, the lack of body confidence, self love and the adapting change to freedom and independence.

Providing emotional support for families who are affected by anger outbursts, resentment and envy which impacts on the relationship dynamic.
We listen to you and suggest individual options for meditation, mindfulness and reflection tools for future dips, as you maintain a strong and stable mental well-being.

Mental health support
Additional needs catered for: