Wellbeing Sanctuary Evenings

A guided evening to enhance your natural state of well-being with Kirstien Bjerregaard.

Nourish your natural state of wellbeing. 

Kirstien is a resilience and mental health educator, accredited counsellor, experienced transformative coach and three principles practitioner who holds a doctorate in psychology and training in eco-therapy.

"I enjoy supporting individuals, couples and groups to sustain wellbeing, navigate tough times in life, address mental health issues and uncover their potential. I believe being outdoors enhances people’s connection to their natural state of wellbeing and creativity. Prior to my work in psychology and wellbeing, I managed and delivered frontline services in international emergency response and then in the UK health, education and social care sectors. I continue to enjoy supporting frontline professionals sustain their wellbeing."

Dates and Timings:

7.00pm - 9.00pm Thursdays 20/04: 25/05; 22/06; 13/07

Join Kirstien for an evening of talks, conversations and exercises that deepen your understanding of your natural state of well-being, your inner guidance system and the 3 principles.The sessions take place under the evening sky, in a reciprocal roundhouse around a fire. There will be time to chill out in the field,sit around fires, swim in the wildlife pond and take a sauna.

We will hold the space for guided reflections and gentle conversations to enrich wellbeing.
The cost(£15-£25) is on a sliding scale. Please pay what you can afford so we can continue to offer a range of prices.

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Additional needs catered for:
Vision impairment friendly
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