Women's Circle

"Radiance" Women's Circle

A circle for healing, personal development, and exploration,

to discover your inner power, beauty, and radiance.

Sol’s Women’s circle is a monthly circle themed around your inner radiance as a Woman.

A blend of ritual, embodiment exercises, and powerful shares, the circle holds space for the softening and discovery of your unique and beautiful essence, so you can emerge as an empowered, radiant, and nourished woman.  

This isn’t just the superficial “self-love” we can all talk about and take no action. This is a deep and loving practice to get to know ourselves better on a soulful and conscious level.

Circle time holds a mystical and powerful force for healing and growth but it is just as important that the space offers lightness and humour for us all to connect to joy- because let’s face it, the world is throwing enough at us right now without any of us choosing to poke around in our most vulnerable parts just for fun on a Friday night. 

It’s the contrast that makes us human after all so you can definitely expect some silliness thrown in for good measure! 

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