Life Beneath the Waves

This session will be run by Coral Smith, Marine Awareness and Engagement Officer from Devon Wildlife Trust and Wembury Marine Centre

Join us for a short webinar to learn about the fascinating lives of some of Devon’s most charismatic rockpool species and how they survive being caught between the tides.

You’ll also learn how to rockpool with care this summer!

This short webinar is open for everyone and is aimed at beginners and people who want a refresh. We will not be using any scientific language as our aim is to make sure everyone can feel comfortable spotting nature every day.

This webinar is part of of a series of three lunch time webinars:

  1. What birds can you spot in Devon? With Mike Waller, Ecologist at Devon County Council on 10th May.
  2. What bats can you spot in Devon? With Sarah Butcher, chair of the Devon Bat Group on 12th May.
  3. Life Beneath The Waves. With Coral Smith from Devon Wildlife Trust on 30th May.

This webinar is part of the Naturally Health May campaign, part of the Devon Local Nature Partnership's Naturally Healthy initiative, which you can find out more about here:

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