Orthopaedic waiting list service

This service helps provide needed advice and support for those who are awaiting surgery on the orthopedic waiting list.
We offer:
* Information and advice on keeping fit and healthy while waiting for your surgery.
* Helping you prepare your home environment to support you after your surgery.
* Talking through your concerns and questions about your operation.
* Advice on getting ready to go into hospital and what you may need to bring.
* Supporting you in receiving all the necessary information from the hospital.
* Connect you up to other support services.


If you have any queries or need to discuss further, you can contact us via this email orthowaiting@ageukhhb.org.uk.

Service statistics
Usually replies in 1 day
100% of referrals accepted
Service access criteria: Age 60+, Harrow residents awaiting Orthopaedic surgery (Hip & knee)
Additional needs catered for: