School Health Team

We are a team of qualified nurses with specialist training in public health for children, young people and families, qualified nursery nurses, school health screeners and skilled trained school health assistants. 

We work with children and their families as well as other partners such as maternity services, GPs, schools and social care, to deliver the Health Child Programme, to improve the health and well-being of all children and young people from five to 19* years (*extended to 25 years for SEND), and their families.  

Our school health service aims to support children and young people  and their families, to enable them to reach their full potential. We offer information and support in the following areas; emotional health and well-being, managing complex and additional health needs, monitoring growth and development and support with growing up and preparing to become an adult. 

Referrals are triaged and actioned according to the need.

Service access criteria: Aged 5-19 (25 with SEND)
Adult carers advice and support
Activities for children and young people
Advice for young people
Family support groups and organisations
Preventative services for children and young people
Healthy lifestyle
Information and advice
Managing a long-term health condition
Support for carers
Youth support
Additional needs catered for:
Vision impairment friendly
Hearing impairment friendly
Wheelchair accessible
Learning difficulty friendly
Physical disability friendly
Non English speaking friendly
Key words - separate with a comma: parents, children, young people, schools, health eating, mental health, emotional health, health, wellbeing, newahm, nursery nurse, nursey, maternity, health needs, becoming an adult, nurse, growing up
Who can refer: Self referrals only