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Gambling having a negative impact on your life?

We are here to support you. At Beacon we offer FREE counselling for people with gambling-related harms issues, with no waiting list.

None knows what causes gambling-related harms. Although there are relationships found between family gambling behaviour, age of onset and experiencing a big win early in their gambling career, it is not possible to determine cause and effect.

This is further complicated by the fact that gambling-related harms is rarely found in isolation. Those experiencing gambling-related harms often also present with others problems, such as alcohol or drug addiction.

Over 20% of the UK population are affected by gambling-related harms, and between 340,000 and 1.4 million adults in the UK are directly experiencing severe gambling-related harms.

Service access criteria: Gambling related harms can affect anyone. It can happen at any age, to males and females and to people from any social class, cultural or ethnic background.
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