Teesside Hospice - Bereavement Counselling

On rare occasions people may still be experiencing significant problems long after the bereavement has passed. In cases like these we know that expert, clinical support can make a difference and that’s where Teesside Hospice Bereavement Counselling Service focusses its work.

If your bereavement was over six months ago and you are still finding that you are having serious difficulties we are here to help. Our trained counsellors can help you to understand your feelings, how they are impacting you and develop tools and techniques that will reduce and alleviate their impact.

We have an online system that will allow you to refer yourself & gather some general information. If you meet the criteria for support one of our team will contact you to arrange an appointment.

We do our counselling face to face (when safe to do so), by video and phone. 

Service access criteria: 6 months since bereavement, Teesside resident
Bereavement support
Mental health
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