Elders Council Circle

A circle for people interested in exploring what it means to be an ‘Elder’ in these times.

Calling those who are willing to explore what it means to step into and offer themselves in the place of an elder.

This particular elders circle will be held by three young people trained in council facilitation and interested to hear what elders have to say and advise. Sat around a campfire in a beautiful woodland setting at The Glade, Dartington, encompassed by nature, bird song and good company to share stories of our lived experiences.

Throughout millennia people have gone to the ‘Initiated Elders’ to sit at their hearth for guidance, for solace, for mental stimulation and to be in their presence. We still need them, our children need them, parents need them and leaders need them…  we are calling for you at this time.

Whatever your age and stage in life – this is an inquiry open to all curious about the forgotten role of the initiated elder in our culture and the need for them in our communities. This is an invitation to inquire about how we may support ourselves and each other to step into this much needed and missed role.

For any questions please contact Heidi Rose at info@circlewise.co / 07891062769

Bookings Essential. Limited spaces, donations welcome.


Run by the Woods for Wellness project and facilitated by CircleWise CIC.
Woods for Wellness aims to establish subsidised woodland wellness services for the community, intertwining the natural healing environment of woodlands with professional therapeutic guidance. Woods for Wellness is a project formed under The Woodland Presents CIC – a social enterprise that exists to find the best ways to live with trees and forests. 

Circlewise is a service that provides facilitated listening circles and the way of council training to community members, organisation’s and those working in education. They are committed to supporting individuals, groups, schools and the community by building life skills in communication and empathy through circle practices.

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