Dough Bro's Afternoon

Dough Bro's is a men's group using pizza-making, eating and sharing to help men connect and share their feelings over some great food.  Participants learn how to make traditional, hand-stretched, wood-fired pizzas and share the produce with each other while connecting in a fun and supportive environment.  Men tell us that it's the only place they can come and "be themselves" while also having fun and making new connections and friendships.  We all work together to set up the sessions - chopping wood, lighting the wood-fired oven, setting up ingredients and washing up afterwards - and have time to share how we're feeling in a very male-centric space.

We have a new group coming up in June 2023 for men that are struggling with their drink and/substance use, and/or that are living vulnerably.  We offer a positive space for a few hours in the afternoon to think about how we can support each other and ourselves.

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Mental health
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