Bereavement Support Group

The Bereavement Support Group will be facilitated by volunteers, (more volunteers are always welcome) who may have prior experience in supporting the bereaved or have lived experiences of bereavement. The type of support being offered will help determine the most appropriate type of facilitator

The peer to peer support aims to provide a place, dedicated to bereavement support for just a few hours on a fortnightly basis from Monday 20th march 2023 4pm to 6pm (excluding bank holidays) for people to meet, talk, grieve and take care of each other.

It is important to keep a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. The hope is that conversation will flow naturally towards and away from the direct subject of loss and bereavement.

Mixing the social and the bereavement support aspects at each session will help in the development of the café, walled garden and group events in the garden. Leaflets for community groups will form part of the discussions about the wider services and groups that are available in the community to enable attendees to grow with their grief.

Service access criteria: The group is for adults living with grief and will be a “community café/help point” style, it will be very informal with an opportunity for people to meet socially with no specific agenda.
Bereavement support
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