Six-Legged Superheroes: Insects Saving the Planet Exhibition

Join Ant-Man and the Wasp on an unbelievable journey through the story of insects! Told in the style of comic book superheroes, be amazed at their distant origin story and their rise to the status of gods in the Ancient World.

Like all superheroes, they have an extraordinary range of superpowers: flight, speed, strength, silk, venom and metamorphosis. These powers and their incredible deception and concealment abilities have helped them survive in a hostile world. Follow their battle to stabilise our planet's ecosystems and see how they use their extraordinary powers to benefit the world we live in and help feed humanity!

However, insect numbers are declining at an alarming rate. Not only do they have to compete with nature's predators. They must now contend with their new nemesis - humans and their corporations who are altering environments in ways they cannot combat. 

Will they prevail? You may have the answer!

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