Breath of Joy Gentle Exercise Classes

Fun exercise classes to music for older adults and adults of any age with lymphoedema, arthritis and other long term conditions and mobility limitations.  Based on Tripudio Movement Systems which focuses on the lymphatic system and the cardiovascular system and includes movements from yoga, dance, somatics and physiotherapy.

60 minutes classes to music, include a 10 minute break in the middle for water and chat.  class can be taken standing or seated

Improve your flexibility with joint mobilisation, muscle stretches and strengthening.  Includes lymphatic drainage, and balance work (where appropriate). 

Releases tension and improves your wellbeing.

Slower pace yet still a good workout.  Gentle for the body.

Come and make some new friends!    £5 per class


Classes on:

Wednesdays at 10am  online using Zoom

Wednesdays at 1.45pm in Goodrington Methodist Church Hall, Goodrington Road, Paignton TQ4 7JT

Thursdays at 10.15am in Paignton Methodist Church Hall, Tower Road, Paignton  TQ3 3EQ


Please note there will be no classes on 24/25 May and on 28/29 June.


Comments from those who attend the class:

"it's the only class I have maintained in my life, because it doesn't get more and more intense.  You can just carry on."  Gill

"I find the class helps my asthma"  Sheila

"It keeps my body more flexible"  Val

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