Life Coaching

Life Coaching is about ‘coaching’ and supporting a person on their ‘journey’ from where they are now in their life (their current state) to where they want to be (their future desired state).

Their current ‘state’ may relate to their dissatisfaction in their health, job, relationships, environment, even to their ‘lack of achievement in life ‘.

Most people that visit a Life Coach usually know where they want to get to in their life but are unsure or don’t know ‘how’ to get there (desired future state).


What is the role of a Life Coach: 

The role of a Life Coach is to motivate, inspire and empower the client. To also give them the necessary tools (coping strategies/self- belief) and help the client to develop a ‘can do ‘attitude towards life. 

This is achieved by using open and power questions with clients and helping them to develop ‘anchoring states’(positive mental imagery ). Show the client the road ahead (journey) then traveling with the client supporting them and staying with the client until they reach their desired ‘state’.

Service statistics
Usually replies in 0 minutes
100% of referrals accepted
Service access criteria: Barking and Dagenham resident, aged 18 and over
Healthy lifestyle
Mental health
Social prescribing
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Waiting list (weeks): 0
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