SIlver Arts Award

Silver Arts Award is a Level 2 qualification on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) and is designed for ages 14 and above, but is open to young people aged 11 to 25. A GCSE is also a Level 2 qualification.

To achieve a Silver Arts Award, young people collect evidence in an individual arts portfolio of their experiences of:

Arts practice and pathways

  • identifying and planning an arts challenge
  • implementing and reviewing their arts challenge
  • reviewing arts events/experiences and sharing their views
  • researching future opportunities and careers in the arts

Arts leadership

  • identifying a leadership role and planning a leadership project
  • planning the practical issues
  • being an effective arts leader
  • working effectively with others
  • reviewing their project and the development of their leadership skills

Additionally, the Advisor assesses candidates on art form knowledge and understanding, creativity, planning and review, and communication.

60 guided learning hours

35 independent learning hours

95 hours total qualification time

The following distinctive activities are required to support a young person to achieve the Silver Arts Award.

  1. Coordinating a learning programme
  2. Providing guided learning
  3. Reviewing and Advising the candidate as they develop their portfolios
  4. Assessing the portfolio
  5. Coordinating certification

Activity area 2 may be provided by Significant Seams colleagues, OR other arts provisions. Significant Seams can help to coordinate these. As an Arts Award Centre we want to help young people find the right arts context for them.

The award and related support services can be accessed in a range of ways. Some sample packages include:

  • Basic: 8 Advice Sessions, Assessment, £450
  • Mentored: 16 Advice Sessions, Assessment £900
  • Coached: 20 Advice Sessions & an accompanied cultural event, Assessment £1450
  • Split Guided Learning: 30 Guided Learning Hours/Advice sessions & assessment, £2175
  • Taught: 60 guided learning hours & assessment £4350
  • One to One Personalised Creative Learning Support Adapted to Individual Learning Profile with Recoverist Creative Approach, Request a tailored proposal*

*Where an EHCP applies we will require an opportunity to review and discuss the particular learning profile of a potential candidate in order to ensure we are appropriately resourced to meet their needs. We are keen for their learning experience to be successful and confidence building.

**Period of learning is flexible.

Significant Seams can be contracted to support delivery of guided learning, advice, and Arts Award assessment. This category of support is provided, or led, by Catherine West.

Catherine brings over 20 years experience in th

Adult education and learning
Arts and creative classes
Arts organisations and events
Mental health support
Health advice