Jstep CIC

Hi, My name is Jason and I am a Personal Coach/ Director for Jstep CIC Torbay.

Jstep was created amid COVID with the hope of improving individuals’ physical and mental health. We are a CIC ( Community Interest Company) and we focus the entire business on supporting individuals out in the community.

We focus on people Physical and Mental Health so we do a low Impact Exercises in your own home to help build up muscle strength, working on the balance and improving coordination.

Personal fitness and physical well-being are intimately linked to longevity and the quality of one’s life.

Individuals with additional needs generally have lower levels of physical activity than their typically developing peers and this causes an accelerated detrimental effect on mental wellbeing.

Fitness activities increase the sense of control and promote a positive attitude which is why this is a big focus for JStep.

We have developed a large number of fun sessions for all types of health, aging, and mental conditions.

We offer support for people who have a mobility condition and work with different types of conditions who need the support to regain confidence and regaining their independence.

Jstep has personalised tailored programs to help you reach your goals and improve your overall physical needs.

We are fully Qualified in what we do and mainly focus on 1:1 in people own homes who are isolated and struggling to get out in the community due to their Mobility. 

Adult education and learning
Exercise and fitness classes
Outdoor activities
Carers support groups
Care at home
Arts organisations and events
Sports clubs and groups
Health advice
Mental health support
Computers and IT skills
Employment and training initiatives