Support for people with learning difficulty and autism

At Diversely Strategised we offer a range of bespoke services to suit the needs of our diverse clients. We celebrate diversity and aim to apply diversely strategised approaches to support our clients in their personal and educational growth as well as help our clients achieve their unique goals and aspirations.

We specialise in personal development coaching and mentoring, non-medical help study skills tutoring and specialist mentoring. We are also passionate about research and training around disability awareness, equality, diversity and inclusion.

Study skills

Essay planning and organisation
Techniques to enhance written structure
Research and referencing
Citation and paraphrasing
Proofreading skills
Improving succinctness of academic writing
Action planning
Getting ideas down on paper as intended
PowerPoint presentations, structuring slides and confidence boosting during presentations 
Techniques to help improve reading and comprehension
Improve spelling
Getting started on coursework and techniques to avoid procrastination
SMART target setting to enhance productivity in study
Time management and organisation
Exam revision

Non-medical help mentoring support

Helping students meet their full potential


personal development, coaching and mentoring

Overcoming challenges
Time management
Dealing with social situations
Managing change and problematic situations
Setting achievable goals and targets
Public speaking
Managing stress and burnout
Social communication and interaction
Addressing procrastination
Managing paperwork
Working on anxiety and fear
Becoming empowered
Attaining good work-life balance
Achieving desired goals
Staying focused
Achieving self-actualisation


​Highly skilled teachers and mentors

Multi-sensory and dynamic approaches to teaching

Child and parent/carer involvement in goal setting

Children learn at their own pace

Outdoor play spaces

Individualised and child centred teaching and learning

​Whether your child has a formal diagnosis or not we are here to provide support.


Advice for young people
Children's centres
Managing a long-term health condition
Mental health
Youth support
Additional needs catered for:
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