Journey of Menopause for all Women

A circle for menopausal and perimenopausal women to explore the subject of menopause

We welcome you to gather as a circle of women to share our stories of menopause.

Perimenopause and menopause can be challenging and confusing time, not widely recognised as such by our society. It’s a time of transformation or initiation into our next “self”, where new power awaits.

Speaking of the joys, the challenges and everything between, as some transition into the place of elder women, others look back and reflect and perhaps younger ones prepare.

Sharing our wisdom, our grief, our knowledge, our confusion, our struggles and the revelations that come. Supporting each other through this often unrecognised and uncelebrated rite.

We will sit around a fire surrounded by the dark woods, all women, of any age welcome….pre, peri, menopausal and post menopause.

Please bring plenty of warm clothes, blankets or cushions to keep body, heart and soul comfortable

For any questions on the topic or session please contact Heidi Rose at / 07891062769

Bookings Essential. Limited spaces, donations welcome.

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Run by the Woods for Wellness project and facilitated by CircleWise CIC.

Woods for Wellness aims to establish subsidised woodland wellness services for the community, intertwining the natural healing environment of woodlands with professional therapeutic guidance. Woods for Wellness is a project formed under The Woodland Presents CIC – a social enterprise that exists to find the best ways to live with trees and forests. Supported by Devon Community Foundation #GiveLoveDevon.

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