AFAB - autistic peer support & social group - age 14-19

This is a small social group for 14-19 year old autistic or anxious girls, and those assigned a female gender at birth (AFAB). These young people might be in or out of education, home educated or working – all are extremely welcome. 

Facilitated by specialist support the group offers these young people: 

  • peer support 
  • fun activities 
  • social connections 
  • personal development discussions 
  • visiting speakers with lived experience 
  • occasional outings 

The Space:

We provide a safe space and facilitation for peer support, group coaching and social activities on a weekly basis during term time.

  • We meet on Wednesdays during term-time, from 1 – 2.30pm. 
  • Our venue is a calm, low sensory space in central Barnstaple.
  • There are up to 10 people in the group, plus two specialist staff: Alex and Anna.
  • This project is kindly supported by The National Lottery, with further funding from Devon County Council’s ‘Growing Communities Fund’ enabling it to continue to the end of 2023. 
  • There is a voluntary contribution of £3 per week. 


* Do I need a diagnosis to join the group?

We support needs not labels, hence an autism diagnosis is not required to join this group.

* I’m feeling quite anxious: what if I’m not ready to join in?

There’s no pressure to speak or to participate in activities until you feel ready. There is even an adjacent room to our main room: you are welcome to sit and listen in from a short distance first if you prefer. It takes each of us a different amount of time to feel comfortable, so there’s no rush.

We also have mini whiteboards and pens if you prefer to communicate with us that way. 

Quotes from our AFAB Group Members:

"As someone who does not have a lot of opportunities to be social with people of my age group in my village, one of my favourite experiences with AFAB group is being able to talk with people my age and feeling welcomed."

"The acceptance and shared experience of being with those my age who also struggle with some things and are able to excel in others."

Get in touch

If you'd like to find out more you can: 

Text or call Alex: 07309 563 563

Email Alex:

Email Anna:

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