Movements for life

WildStrong exists to bring people outside to move more, together. 

We teach people to think more about daily movement and give them the skills and strength to create more options in life.

We felt that gyms and bootcamps never made us feel welcome and working out at home never really stuck.

So we focus on what’s important to us; building strength for longevity, the sense of wellbeing from exercising outdoors and the joy that comes from being part of a community, something bigger than ourselves.

Isn’t it nice to be able to put your pants on without slipping a disc?

It’s all very well being able to do twenty minutes on a cross trainer, but where does that leave you when you need to carry your family’s luggage across a train station?

Every movement we teach is based around patterns we use every day. We call these Movements for Life and we define them as Pulling, Pushing, Lifting and Locomotion.  To do any of these successfully we must have confidence, mobility, stability and strength.

Expanding our options - find your forever moves.

As we get older we often move less. Where we may have run for the bus, we now walk.  Where we may have spent the day playing, we now spend it in front of a computer.  The less we move, the less we are able to move.

WildStrong aims to expand our options. We teach you to think more about movement and how to incorporate it into your daily life. We also teach new skills – when was the last time you tried to crawl along a tree or do a handstand? These don’t have to remain pursuits of the young or the athlete.  

Depending on the session there may be elements of high intensity training, strength and mobility (that’s stretching and flexibility), gymnastics and parkour. 

Most of our members will come to two sessions a week - we’re not coaching athletes, instead we help you to become a stronger all-rounder. We do this by focusing on daily movements that produce useful results such as improving joint health, flexibility and endurance.  

“If you want to master something, teach it”

Richard Feynman said that - we think it rings true. To learn new skills we use a peer coaching model that enables everyone to develop an understanding of why we do certain movements, and the steps required to complete a movement properly.  

We like the idea of giving people the skills to teach themselves and others. We never enjoyed going to classes where we felt like we didn’t have agency, where we couldn’t understand “the why?” 

The mirrors in the gym are not just for busting out bicep curls to Eye of Tiger, they are also for ensuring that each movement is carried out correctly. We haven’t got mirrors so we use each other and together we work to reach what we call “full movement quality.”

Our coaches provide feedback and support, but by teaching each other we build our understanding of how our bodies need to move and how to keep them strong and mobile.

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