Greenwood Community Centre

Activities offered at Greenwood Community Centre: 

  • Bridge Club
  • Counselling
  • Diabetes Awareness Sessions
  • Flexercise for the Over 50's
  • Feldenkrais Method & Pilates
  • Greenwood Book Club
  • Greenwood Women's Group
  • Greenwood Men's Club
  • Guitar Club
  • Hannah Parkin Yoga
  • Hampton School of Bridge
  • Hartbeeps
  • JA Pilates
  • Lauren Haith School of Dance
  • Mindful Yoga Flow
  • Off the Record
  • Pilates +
  • Sally Rowaland Yoga
  • Sarah Greenall Yoga
  • Singing for the Brain
  • Soulful Touch (Kid's Yoga)
  • Woodcraft Folk (Geko Pioneers)
  • Yogic Tones
  • Space 2 Grieve
Service access criteria: Vary for different services.
Additional needs catered for:
Key words - separate with a comma: Bridge, Club, Counselling, Diabetes, Flexercise, Pilates, Book Club, Women's Group, Men's Club, Guitar Club, Yoga, Dance, Yoga Flow, Singing for the Brain, Kid's Yoga