Archie, Go! at Torquay Library with author Anne Parsons

Book story and crafts event with childrens author Anne Parsons. Archie, Go! Is the last book in the series. Archie is a mischievious pup! This is the blurb from the last in the series-

Archie continues his quest to become a national jumping champion and, unexpectedly, becomes a local hero too.

In this book, Archie and Louise catch a thief who has stolen books from Louise’s grandparents’ bookshop. Subsequently, they find out about the roles Airedale Terriers have played in the past, being police dogs, and messenger dogs in the First World War. They make new friends with Maggie and her guide dog Ivy. Such experiences make Archie question his role in life as a family pet and a jumping champion.

Meanwhile, Archie is training hard for his competitions. The opposition becomes more challenging as the national finals get nearer. When the competition day arrives, old rivals meet up, and a new team appears. Can his team beat them? Then Archie goes head-to-head with the new team leader in the individual jumping competition.

Life is never easy. All Archie can do is try his best and hope that will be good enough. Surely, fame is just a jump away!

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