Physical Health and Wellbeing Team

Physical health and wellbeing team
We are a team made up of peer support workers and volunteers. Our 
team provides a personalised activity service for individuals who may be 
struggling with their mental wellbeing.
We strongly believe that improving your physical health can have a 
positive effect on your mental wellbeing, and this is evidenced by our 
current peer support workers. They have used physical activity to not 
only gain control of their mental health and are now using their lived 
experience to share with others, like you.
Whether you haven’t played netball since leaving school, or you are 
isolated within your own home, the physical health and wellbeing 
team are able to support to you to reach your goals and make positive 
changes to your life.
We ensure the service we are offering is sustainable in the community 
and reaching those who require it the most. Physical activity isnʼt for 
everyone; however, it can have endless benefits to help support a 
personʼs mental wellbeing. The physical health and wellbeing team 
are here to support individuals to develop their self-confidence, build 
relationships, create networks and most importantly enjoy life. We offer 
a wide range of sessions from walking, running and cycling to team 
sports such as football and netball. Activities are peer led by some of 
our amazing peer support workers, meaning sessions are inclusive, safe 
and friendly

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