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About Barnsley Healthy Hearts

Barnsley Healthy Hearts is the online home of The Barnsley Long Term Exercise (LTE) Heart Support Group. We were initially set up over 10 years ago to help support heart patients and their carers by providing exercise sessions which were specifically designed for older patients who had medical problems which prevented or limited them from attending normal sessions in Leisure Centres. Conditions such as Heart Disease, COPD, Arthritis, Diabetes etc, with their debilitating problems required specific exercise programmes and monitoring.

Our sessions continue to provide long term exercise facilities for those people who have heart or respiratory disease and have attended a NHS exercise rehabilitation programme. However with the high incidence of heart disease and associated problems, we are becoming more proactive in providing exercise facilities for those wishing to prevent heart disease and promote a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Our membership has grown and more people who are wishing to maintain their health and their independence have joined us. The group provides a supportive context, often within family groups with younger members encouraging their parents to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

We have a strong community ethos and actively promote social activities for our members providing friendship, a place to meet, exercise, have a cup of tea and a chat. Our Social Evenings, Coach Trips and Christmas Dinner & Dance are always well attended.

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