Huntingdonshire District Council - Leisure & Recreation activities

Huntingdonshire District Council offers a wide range of Leisure & Recreational activities to help with everyone's Health and Wellbeing such as:

  • One Leisure - Gym, fitness classes, Swimming, In & Outdoor Activities, Health advice.
  • Wellbeing Walks - Friendly group walks that help you meet new people whilst becoming / remaining active.
  • Specialist Exercise Classes - For those with specific needs with regards to an Active Lifestyle.
  • Healthy you & Active Lifestyles - Provide a range of activities (usually free) to support individuals who want to be more physically active and healthier.



Service access criteria: For those who reside in the district of Huntingdon
Exercise and fitness classes
Sports clubs and groups
Sports facilities
Connecting with others
Getting active
Healthy lifestyle
Information and advice
Managing a long-term health condition
Social prescribing
Additional needs catered for:
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