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What do Social Inclusion Projects do?
Community Involvement:

Local people will be involved by contributing their local knowledge and ideas and acting as ‘eyes on the ground’ to keep a lookout for older people who might be isolated or lonely.
Group Activities:

The project will support existing groups and set up new groups with local people where you can go and meet like minded people, make new friends and try new experiences.

Good Neighbour Scheme:

The Good Neighbour Scheme will provide practical and social support for older people who need a bit of extra help and find getting out difficult.


Visiting someone regularly for a chat and a cuppa.
Collecting shopping or a prescription when someone can’t get to the shops.
Popping in to see someone if they’re not well.
Doing a simple task in the house such as clearing snow or fallen leaves to keep someone safe.
Accompanying someone who doesn't feel confident when going out to help build their confidence.
In addition to our five area-based Social Projects, we provide two borough-wide projects: Just for You and Health and Wellbeing. 

Just for You, which provides support to our most frail service users by offering assistance in various ways. For example, making referrals to aids and adaptations, identifying a reliable cleaner or supporting to gentle exercise classes to keep them agile and learn ways to prevent falls. The aim being to prevent hospital stays by supporting them to live in a safer environment with better mobility.

Health and Wellbeing Groups are aimed at supporting people to make healthy choices. This involves exercise, healthy eating demonstrations and mindfulness in a fun, inclusive environment to support heart health.

Social prescribing
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