MyType 1

MyType 1 is an online portal to support people with Type 1diabetes to better self-manage their condition through access to accredited online information/ resources including:
- open access multimedia content on all aspects of type 1 diabetes
- online diabetes events
- Online structured courses (QISMET accredited) covering many aspect of type 1 care including
i) carbohydrate counting, ii) insulin pumps iii) glucose sensors iv) type 1 and exercise v) living with type 1 vi) growing up with type 1 (young adults)

Service access criteria: Primary Users: Anyone in NHS England with Type 1 over 14 years old Secondary Users: Parents of children with Type 1, carers, family members, healthcare professionals, other stakeholders in Type 1 diabetes care.
Health advice
Healthy lifestyle
Additional needs catered for:
Key words - separate with a comma: Diabetes