The Jenkins Centre
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The Jenkins Centre offers programmes to support people who have used harmful behaviours in their intimate relationships to change. The programmes offered:
The Second Step - a 24 week group programme for males (focusses on developing awareness and understanding of harmful/abusive behaviours and the reasons why they may be used, emotion management, respectful communication skills, empathy, understanding impacts of behaviour, parenting).
Women's Group - 22 week group programme. Covers the same topics as The Second Step but is focussed on specific dynamics that could influence women using harmful behaviour.
One to One intervention - This can be offered to those who may not be able to attend group sessions (e.g. if an interpreter is required, learning needs that require more support, specific mental/physical health issues, individuals in mutually abusive relationships, those in same sex relationships).
Step Up Dads - 10 week parenting course (focusses on stages of development in childhood, child-centred parenting, how to rebuild relationships with children when there has been domestic abuse in the home)
Foundations - 8 week awareness raising course (builds awareness and knowledge of abusive behaviours and also what makes a respectful/healthy relationship, introduces helpful tools and communication, considers impact of abusive behaviour and toxic masculinity).
The Jenkins Centre also offer a Partner Support Service. This is for the partners and ex-partners of the individuals attending programmes. They are offered tailored support, which can include:
emotional support
practical support
safety planning and monitoring of risk
referrals / signposting to other services

Service access criteria: Adults aged 18+ in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Unfortunately we are unable to work with individuals that are in current legal proceedings for domestic violence/abuse or current public or private proceedings relating to child safeguarding. Following national guidance from Respect, we are also unable to work with individuals that have had involvement from CAFCASS in the alst 12 months.
Mental health
Additional needs catered for: