Wellbeing centre- Carlisle

WeCan focusses on emotional and social wellbeing offering a range of peer to peer led support sessions. 

our centre is accessible for everybody and inclusive to all. We have a full timetable of groups and activities throughout the week that would suit a variety of people including our popular walk to talk, crafting sessions, emotional health peer to peer support groups and more. 

WeCan is a safe and supportive environment in which people are encouraged to aspire to be the happiest and healthiest version of themselves. We lead from lived experience and all voices are listened to with compassion and understanding.

STRUCTURED SUPPORT GROUPS; designed to help people feel coftoable talking openly about thier conditions, health or wellbeing. our wellbeing coordinators will guide the conversation carefully so that everyone has the chance to speak if they want too.  These groups tend to have specific topics for example Living with and beyond cancer or mental health. People can be referred to the service from any statutory or support service or are welcome to just pop in or call on thier own. 

SOCIAL SUPPORT GROUPS; are designed to encourage socialisation, talking and making new friendships knowing that people there might be facing the same troubles as others in the group, and its OK to talk about how they are feeling. Our wellbeing coordinators will not actively start group conversations about a specific issue but might talk to individuals privately about thier conditions or feelings if that seems appropriate. These groups often feature activities such as walking, crafts and art. 

WORKSHOPS; We love inviting in external practitioners or specialists to host themed workshops. These tend to last between 1 and 6 sessions in length and focus on s specific subject. Some of our popular workshops include living well, menopause and bereavement. 

For more information please call our wellbeing team on 0800 038 6018

Service access criteria: N/A
Arts and creative classes
Outdoor activities
Exercise and fitness classes
Activities for older people
Arts and creativity
Advice for young people
Health advice
Mental health support
Connecting with nature
Connecting with others
Getting active
Healthy lifestyle
Managing a long-term health condition
Mental health
Services for older people
Social prescribing
Youth support
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Wheelchair accessible
Learning difficulty friendly
Physical disability friendly
Dementia friendly
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