iCan fitness centre- Carlisle

iCan fitness centre in Carlisle is for those who wouldn't attend a "normal" gym! We have classes suitable for all ages and abilities, genders and health conditions. 

Our main circuit features unique hydraulic resistance training equipment and a changing activity every week to keep your workout fresh and fun plus a circuit coach with you to guide you, advise when you need to step it up or cool it down and keep you motivated and having fun! Workouts are picked by members choice every week and we have classes in eluding chair based exercise, bellicon rehabilitation, chair based Yoga, strength and Zumba. The great thing is it only takes 30 minutes so you can squeeze a good workout into your day with ease. 


INSTRUCTOR LED SESSIONS: These are led by our qualified, friendly coaches and the perfect way to start exercising if you are beginner, unsure of what to do, lack motivation or just want to be part of a a class and exercise with others. We have women only, male only and mixed sessions available. 


OWN ACCESS: Just let yourself in and do your own thing. An instructor wont coach you in these sessions however you do have the access to our pre recorded videos to guide you if you wish. Perfect if you want privacy! 

BODY COMPOSITION WEIGH AND MEASURING: As part of your membership you can be weighed and measured, using our specialist equipment, our coaches can measure your weight, body fat %, BMI, muscle mass, metabolic age and water levels as well as your body inches. Wee encourage you to start focussing on your health as well as your weight. This is vital step to understanding your body, how it works and what it needs.  

You can become a member or pay as you go plus you will always get 3 days FREE to try iCan out first. Give our fitness team a call on 01228 819101 

Service access criteria: N/A
Exercise and fitness classes
Activities for older people
Sports clubs and groups
Health advice
Connecting with others
Getting active
Healthy lifestyle
Managing a long-term health condition
Mental health
Services for older people
Social prescribing
Additional needs catered for:
Hearing impairment friendly
Wheelchair accessible
Learning difficulty friendly
Physical disability friendly
Dementia friendly
Waiting list (weeks): 0
Key words - separate with a comma: Fitness, well-being, activity, older adults, exercise, weight loss, BMI, body mass