Health and Wellbeing Team

What we do;
 Getting to know the person introduced to us, building a trusting relationship, helping to unpick their problems
 Helping identify their skills, talents and passions and encouraging them to share these and contribute to their communities
 Helping to identify a good life and support to achieve it, including planning for the future.
 Helping with access to any services they may require, including information & advice about the services available in their community.
 Helping with removing barriers to accessing services, including navigating the service system.
 Helping to build confidence, personal resilience, encourage personal decision making and advocate for themselves.
 Supporting the person where there are gaps in services in some communities, eg, help with benefits and housing applications.
 Helping to connect or reconnect with family, friends and neighbours
 Can support wider family and carers in a similar way
We work with people using motivational coaching to help them achieve their vision of a good life.

Service access criteria: People over the age of 16. People with disabilities, mental ill health, and their family and carers. People who are willing and able to make a change.
Adult education and learning
Health advice
Employment and training initiatives
Healthy lifestyle
Information and advice
Support with employment
Support with housing
Additional needs catered for: