Music for the Mind: Wiltshire Music Centre

Welcome to Music for the Mind!

Singing together in a supportive, friendly group is uplifting, enjoyable and hugely therapeutic for people living with dementia and family carers alike.

Music is a powerful connector that helps people with dementia communicate, express feelings and share moments of joy, poignancy and remembrance together with others. It appears to 'unlock' parts of the brain, allowing people to retain song words and melodies longer than other memories, and this is what we build on at our 10 Music for the Mind groups in Wiltshire. 

What happens at Music for the Mind

The 90-minute sessions are carefully structured to be both stimulating and fun. Although well-loved classics are part of the mix, we also learn new songs, sing rhymes and action songs that help physical co-ordination, and tackle harmonies, rounds and partner songs.

We start each weekly session with a half hour of social time and refreshments before moving to the circle for a vocal warm-up. There is a lot of laughter! Members are encouraged to suggest songs they would like to sing and the atmosphere is warm and friendly with everyone taking part in their own way. 

The groups are all are led by professional singing teachers who are trained in dementia awareness and supported by teams of dedicated volunteers. 

They are designed for the person with dementia and a family carer to attend together, although people can also come on their own or with a support worker. The groups are held in local community centres that are easily accessible.

You do not have to be a good singer to take part! Meeting others, creating connections and enjoying each other's company are for many as important as the singing.

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