Crafting Club

Improve your well-being by picking up your crafting tool of choice and use making as a form of therapy…

When life gets stressful there’s nothing better than losing yourself in some knitting or setting up the sewing machine to forget about your problems.

While, as crafters, we’ve known how making can lift our mood, it can still be difficult to make time to create just for us, or remember to pick up a project when things are getting too much.

Crafting can be an incredible way to improve your mental health, can lower blood pressure, slow the onset of dementia, distract from chronic pain and combat anxiety.

The recent Covid pandemic has left a lot of people feeling lonely and isolated. Made by Me Workshops and crafting sessions are as much about meeting people and being part of a group as they are about actually making something. We also attend craft fairs, arrange trips to fabric stores and other social events suggested by the group.

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