Active Health

A physical activity referral is an exercise programme that your GP or healthcare professional can refer you to at your local leisure centre - an Active Health membership includes an initial consultation where a trained exercise professional will tailor a programme to your needs, to help you become more active.

  • you will receive a one-to-one consultation initially, followed by regular email or telephone contact and reviews at both six and 12 weeks
  • we will work with you to set goals and monitor progress to help you get the best from your chosen activity
  • after your 12 week review we will encourage you to exercise independently but you will still benefit from the concessionary pricing structure
  • throughout the programme, activities within our leisure centres will be charged at a concessionary rate

The benefits of Active Health

A physical activity referral will benefit you if you currently undertake no or very little physical activity.

Benefits reported by clients who have completed the 12 week programme:

  • weight loss or shape change
  • improved overall health and wellbeing
  • improved sleep and reduced stress
  • improved mood
  • improved mobility and ability to enjoy life more
  • increased fitness and energy levels
  • reduced blood pressure and/or cholesterol levels
  • improved confidence
  • reduction in visits to GP


Exercise and fitness classes
Additional needs catered for:
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