Informal Singing Group)

DO you love singing, but don’t want to be part of a formal choir, or perhaps you can’t find a daytime choir in Melksham? 

If so, look no further!  The Singalong Group is not a choir, but a group of super friendly people who enjoy getting together every Monday, 1.30pm to 3pm for a sing song.  

Group leader, Dee Phesse, says, “I supply all the recorded music and lyrics, printed on A5 paper in easy-to-read size 14 font. The only cost to members is a small contribution towards my printing costs. Each week I email two new songs for you to print yourself or purchase from me for 10p per song.  The starter pack of 72 songs is for you to keep at a one-off payment of £4. That’s it! 

“Most of us are retired and enjoy songs from the ‘60s and ‘70s, but I’m open to ideas if anyone has a favourite song they’d like included in our repertoire. 

“Please email me for more information, venue etc as I like to get people registered first, rather than just turn up, so I can prepare starter packs and put you on the register.  Also, we have limited space in the hall.  Hope to hear from you!” 


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