Fresh Produce

MELKSHAM Community Larder is up and running and is reminding the community that the food is for anyone.  

“We are not a Food Bank, we redistribute surplus food from supermarkets, cafes, allotments, and residents,” said Adrienne Westbrook, founder of the Melksham Community Larder. 

“Things are going really well, but we want to emphasise the food is for anyone. It is food that, for instance, is on date at the supermarkets and so would be thrown away and go to Landfill

“It would be good to get the message out to young families, families in need and anyone suffering from the cost of living crisis. But we’re happy for anyone to come along and collect food. 

The scheme is run by a group of volunteers and aims to save fresh food – such as fruit, vegetables and bread – that can no longer be sold by local supermarkets, shops and cafes and make it available for locals to collect. 

We open five days a week Monday Wednesday and Friday ay 2.00pm 

Tuesday and Friday we will be trialling a morning opening at 10.45

We work from the Round House in Church Street in Melksham. This is near the main Post Office.


For more information and further updates about ‘Melksham Community Larder’, visit the Facebook page: www.facebook. com/Melksham-Community-Larder-112198364861745

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