Encourages Adults 50+ (40+ for women) to Play Football


Recreational walking football for both men and women

Walking Football is a growing global sport which encourages adults over the age of 50 (40 for women) to play football regularly but at a much slower pace than the traditional format of the game. The core rules of standard football still apply but the obvious difference is that players are not permitted to run i.e., each player has to keep one foot in contact with the ground at all times. Walking football is based upon accurate passing, good positional play, and good tactical knowledge as opposed to an over reliance on speed, dribbling and power. It is an inclusive sport which aims to engage an age group that isn’t normally associated with playing the game, it also gives people an opportunity to re-kindle their playing days or to experience a totally new experience. Above all, we believe that Walking Football should be an enjoyable social event that enhances both positive physical and mental wellbeing.


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