Stalking Advocacy Support

Aurora New Dawn offers an independent confidential support and advocacy service to victims of stalking.

A stalking advocates role is to provide specialist, independent support, advice and advocacy. At Aurora we put our clients in the center of all we do, ensuring that they have a voice, and that voice is heard. The advocate will explain all available options, working alongside our clients to decide what would be the most effective and empowering the client to make their own choices.

We support whether or not a client has reported to the police around safety, protection and empowerment.

Our advocates may work collaboratively with other services to ensure that the client receives the best support.

Service access criteria: Female or Male victims of Stalking (aged 16years +)
Information and advice
Additional needs catered for:
Waiting list (weeks): 0
Key words - separate with a comma: Stalking, Advocacy, Support, Advice, Court