Mental Health Support Service

What is the free Toolbox Projec?

  • Empowering the person to take responsibility for their emotional health.
  • We help people identify strengths not weaknesses.
  • Achievements not failures, and if there are failures we help explore what was learnt and how it helped the person grow.
  • We help design management plans for people to be able to use in their day to day lives that can help them to keep emotionally well.
  • We help build emotional resilience.
  • We encourage goal setting as a way to help people drive towards positive outcomes.
  • We teach healthy coping strategies and techniques to be used effectively
  • We teach relaxation techniques.
  • We signpost to groups and services to help people find hobbies and pursue interests.
  • To help reduce bad days and help maintain the good days
  • We help people to see the importance of looking after their emotional health through a one off appointment to help them see the wood through the trees.

We follow up after 3 weeks and again at 3 months to check the management plans is effective and if the person is moving towards the goals set.
This service is a free one-off appointment usually over the phone with one of our Toolbox Workers.

Mental health
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