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If you or someone you know in Leicestershire County, is seeking employment, learning or volunteering opportunities and is at risk of or currently managing mental health difficulties, please get in touch about the Leicestershire Employment & Skills Programme.

Please note this service is for individuals currently living in Leicestershire County (not Leicester City) and under Primary Care services only. Primary Care services include your General Practice (GP), a Mental Health Facilitator or a counsellor/therapist based at your surgery.

Unfortunately, this means we cannot help you if you are currently under the care of an NHS Psychiatrist, Community Psychiatric Nurse and/or Community Mental Health Team (also known as Secondary Care services.) 

However, please note there are services that can help individuals who don’t meet this criteria (please get in touch at info@realpurpose.uk and we will do our best to signpost you to a suitable organisation which can help you.)

More about the Leicestershire Employment & Skills Programme

Our one-to-one support with your personal Employment Adviser focuses on career exploration, job searching, and assistance with applications, CV writing, and interview preparation. Tutor classes cover managing mental health conditions at work, and tools for sustaining work and well-being, such as confidence and motivation building.

We can also help you if you’re on sick leave or facing difficulties in retaining your employment. Our services also cater to those looking to change their current job. Recognising the importance of sustaining employment for mental health recovery, we will provide you with time-unlimited in-work support.

We believe in working directly within communities, with face-to-face meetings in local areas whenever possible. However, we also accommodate virtual meetings through video calls and phone conversations.

Explore new opportunities tailored to your needs. Connect with Real Purpose now to kickstart your journey toward employment, learning or volunteering.

Service access criteria: Please note that we can currently only accept individuals who meet the following criteria (which we hope to extend in the future) - Aged 18 years and over. Lives in Leicestershire County (not Leicester City.) Wants to actively engage in work, volunteering or learning (can already be in work as we also support people to retain their paid job or look for another job.) Registered with a GP. At risk of mental ill health, or you have a mental health problem and use primary care health services for support with this condition(s.) Primary Care means that a GP is responsible for the treatment of their mental health, not a Psychiatrist, CPN and/or Community Mental Health Team - which is called 'Secondary Care'.
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