Solution Focused Therapy

Life’s journey isn’t always a straight path. Sometimes, we find ourselves at crossroads, weighed down by past decisions and uncertain futures. But what if there was a way to clear the fog and find clarity?
Enter Solution-Focused Therapy.
This isn’t just another therapy session
it’s a transformative experience. Together, we’ll navigate the maze of your emotions, focusing not on the problems that held you back, but on the solutions that propel you forward.
It’s time to reclaim your narrative, rediscover your strength, and reignite your passion for life. Don’t just dream of a brighter tomorrow
let’s create it.


My therapy is tailored for those prepared to tackle life's complexities head-on, persevere with determination, and come out not just intact but fortified, more resilient, and genuinely content with who they are.

Service access criteria: 18+ or under if accompanied to the first session by a guardian. In person or online.
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Mental health
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