Strength & Balance Classes

Our story
StayActive4Life deliver a range of classes that: - Build strength and flexibility - Improve balance and co-ordination - Improve mobility and posture

Help to maintain your independence

Reduce your risk of falls and injury

At StayActive4Life we believe that everybody deserves the help and support to live a more active and healthy life. Since October 2015 we have helped more than 4,000 people to build their strength and balance. We know you want to keep on the move, feel better and have more energy. To stay fit, healthy and active for longer we can help you to:

Strengthen your muscles and become more flexible

Maintain your balance so that you feel steady on your feet and reduce your risk of falls

Have greater stamina and more energy so that you can live your life to the full. Maintaining and building muscle strength and balance is crucial in helping people stay mobile and independent as they get older, reduce their risk of falls and help them keep doing the daily activities that are important to them.


Our approach is all about maintaining independence, building confidence, making friends and above all... having fun!

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